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    The village of Yuno filled with greenery. We introduce a place where we can walk and walk around such parks as memorial of Mataichi Hironaka which is a model of Bunshun Soseki Natsume's "Botchan" and the tourist spots around.
    • Botchan's Park

      It is a park commemorating Mataichi Hironaka, a model of Bunmyo Soseki Natsume's "Botchan".
      There are also birthplaces nearby.
    • The Statue of Botchan at Kasen Park

      Yaji River the Kasen Park on the bank of the Yaji River, an image of fishing in the air of Botchan is built with memoirs of Mataichi Hironaka.
    • Yamada-ke Honya (Main building)

      A homestay residence of the Yamada-ke who served as a vassal of Mr. Katada, Hagi-han of the Hagi-han the Edo period.
      You can see constructions devised in various places such as rotary shower booth, ceiling rather than kitchen.
    • Ryumonji Temple

      Three Roads, Sanyo, Sanin and Saikai , Eikyo years as a Bodaiji Temple of Mr. Sue Temple to represent the Three Roads, Sanyo, Sanin and Saikai , was built by the present of The Master of Wakayama Castle, Morimasa Sue
    • Hofu Tenmangu Shrine (Hofu City)

      A scholarly god, Japan 3 Tenjin that secured Michizane Sugawara Japan 3 Tenjin One of the Japan 3 Tenjin.
      (20 minutes by car)
    • Amida Temple (Hofu City)

      (20 minutes by car)
    • The Site of Otsu Island Kaiten Naval Base (Shunan City)

      The training base trace of the human torpedo "Kaiten"
      (A 30-minute drive from Port of Tokuyama, a 40-minute cruise ship from Port of Tokuyama)
    • Shunan City Tokuyama Zoo (Shunan City)

      (20 minutes by car)