One of the prestigious three famous hot springs. Japanese-style garden accommodation with calm and beautiful skin

Day trip plan meal

  • Farewell party cuisine (Meal in Room/Meal in Dining Hall)

    "Meal start time", From 11:00 to 13: 00/18: 00 to 19:30

    "Cooking", consultation will be received according to your budget from 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen (tax not included).

    ◎ Party cuisine, room charge, bathing charge, towels are included.

    ※We can not prepare for a special meal at weekday lunch.
    ※Depending on the number of people you can not eat in the room.
    ※Application for one week before is necessary.
  • 🌸 Special Day plan (Meal in Room)

    "Number of people using", from 2 people

    "Usage time", 11:00 to 14:30 (Meal start time 12 o'clock)

    "Usage charge", Main Building, 6,000 yen(Tax Excluded)~
            Kagetsu-Tei, 8,000 yen(Tax Excluded)~
    ◎ Party cuisine · Room charge · Bathing fee · Towel · Yukata are included.

    ※Golden Week, Obon and New Year are special rates.
    ※There is no day trip plan of the pack fee at night.
    ※Application by 15 o'clock yesterday is required.
  • 🌸 weekdays only, Houzanen's day and night meal (Meal in Dining Hall)

    "Number of people using", from 10 people

    "Usage time", 11:00 to 14:30 (Meal start time 12 o'clock)

    "Usage charge", ¥ 3,800 (Tax Excluded)
    ◎ Gozen and room charge is included. Bathing charge can be accepted separately (half price of basic fee · towel rental available).

    ※Golden Week, Obon and New Year are not available.
    ※Application for one week before is necessary.
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4255-1 Yuno, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Get off at JR Heta Station, 1 minute walk on Bus bound for Yuno Onsen

Pick-up presence (condition)
For accommodation of more than 10 people, only for meals, we will pick you up Shunan, Hofu.
Those who wish in the distant direction will respond to consultation.
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